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We all known that the term ‘art’ means a creative expression of artist, which has communicated and attracted all general people in all ages and all times. Folk-art is a branch of art, which has verbally transmitted and developed in folk-groups and in folk societies. In India folk-art are generally formed by the illiterate or semi-illiterate village people. It is true that they are very poor in economic condition and do not have any modern technological concept of art. But the general concept of art has existed in their blood. Particularly in the case of Patachitra we may observed that this type of folk-art is ethnic in nature and in form it is very colourful, and also it bears traditional and cultural element of country's rich heritage.

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Dokra (also called Dhokra) art is an ancient method of making metal artifacts by a wax-casting technique.  Dokra structure of metal casting is said to be oldest form of metal casting and is precisely known as ‘cire perdue’ or lost wax procedure. A duplication of the preferred product is made with wax on a clay center with all its improved particulars of designs and decorations. A small amount of coats of delicately ready clay paste is applied over the replica and dried out in the shadow.

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Revival of Shola art of yester years with new meaning. salutes the fine craftmanship and endevours to take the art to far and wide.

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Handicrafts of West Bengal with a glorious tradition over the centuries and having rich heritage are the creations of master craftsmen working in villages, towns and semi urban areas. It has wide varieties ranging from household utility items, to gift items and interior decoration. It infuses an element of grace, beauty and elegance to an otherwise drab and harsh human life.

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