Leather Deer Head

Item specifics

Condition:    A brand-new, unused and undamaged item.     

Material:      Leather

Size(L x H): 10 x 17 inchs (approx)

Colour :       Colour may slightly varry due to screen resolution.

A proper care of leather makes it protected from excessive dryness and prevents it from moisture that may cause it to swell or mildew. The leather bags should not be stored in plastic bags or other nonporous covers as they encourages the growth of mildew and bacteria that ruin the leather.

In a dry environment, regularly condition the leather in order to prevent it from drying out and cracking.
Caustic household chemicals should never be used to clean leather and leather preparations that contain alcohol should also be avoided.
Turpentine and mineral spirits must be avoided as they can pull color.
No waxes or silicone should be used on soft leather as they gum up the pores, making it impossible to oil and condition.
Fresh stains can be cleaned up with a damp cloth. While those from oil or grease can be cleaned by grinding ordinary blackboard chalk, sprinkling the area and leaving the powder on for a twenty-four hour period.
A dampened cheesecloth and a leather conditioning cream should be used thrice or four times a year. This facilitates the durability, shine With and increases the beauty of the leather bags

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