Talapatrachitra - Ganesha wall hanging ,Big

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Size : 9"  x  9" (each)

Material : Palm Leaf, Paper, Glass, Cane stick

This is an authenticate piece of Talapatrachitras, (tala – palm, patra – leaf, chitra – illustration). One of the most ancient crafts of the world, etching and paintings on the palm leaf still thrives in the state of Orissa in India. Called Talapatrachitras there, the art has reached new heights there. The palm leaf etchings are treasured decorations of all Indian home. This painting is also called a Palm Leaf painting. It involves a unique process of painting on palm leaves with natural vegetable dyes. A completely eco-friendly, sustainable piece of art with impeccable attention to detail from the artist. The photo frame is made from cane sticks. Also, the beauty about palm leaves is that they last a life time. As the years go by, the natural colors will mix even more deeply with the leaf to give a richer look. Every painting involves intricate details and takes a long time to produce. 

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