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Shola crafts

Shola crafts

The shola pith craft is mainly practiced in the districts of Bardhaman, Murshidabad, Birbhum, Nadia, Hooghly and some other parts of West Bengal, India. Shola pith is a milky-white sponge-wood which is carved into delicate and beautiful objects of art. The plant grows wild in marshy waterlogged areas. Artisans use it for making artifacts used for decoration and ornate head-wears of bridal couple. 

The actual craft looks very majestic with very intricate details. The finest examples of craftsmanship is displayed in the intricate details on the craft. Craftsmen spend months working on each piece and every details is meticulously worked out. It looks very similar to ivory works. 

A perfect gift that is very elegant and unique; symbolizes pure and love. The finest details in the Decorative Shola Handicrafts will certainly mesmerize and draw admiration from all.  

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