Jute Ornaments

Eco-friendly and unconventional ornaments made of jute makes a great fashion statement. Danglers, tops, rings, chokers, light necklaces, bangles and bracelets are available incolours ranging from the original fabric shade to dyed and treated chilli red, tangy orange, aquamarine blue, jet black and tree-bark brown to match every outfit.

You will love jute jewellery as it fits any budget and looks cool. Instead of spending money on expensive jewellery if you spend the same amount on jute ornaments, you can acquire a variety of them and look different and trendy every day.

Even the big pieces are so lightweight that one can wear them for long hours. Our quality makes it a runway hit. The durability and maintenance free property of jute makes it a favourite of many. It lasts long, the colour doesn't fade. You will be absolutely smitten by this magic fibre jewellery.

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