About Us


A2ZCrafts.com was started with a unique theme to empower the craftsman all over the world. The journey started in India. With modernization, we have started to lose track of the heritage, customs and unique arts that once thrived and was part of our lives. We endeavor to re-ignite the passion to make cool, green eco friendly products accessible to all while encouraging the lost arts to thrive again. It is a potpourri of contemporary and traditional styling with the essence of Indianess.

“Unity in Diversity” can be truly discovered in India. In its arts, countryside, simple people live life in eco-friendly way. The richness in diversity is evident in language, culture, food habits, dress, music and arts. We wanted to capture this beauty so that everyone has a chance to pluck a green theme for their homes from traditional Indian handicraft.

Most of the traditional artisans sell their crafts in the informal sector. They rely on the sale of their crafts in order to attain a sustainable living. A2ZCrafts.com uses a simple internet media to connect the tradition with modernity. We open the entire world as marketplace for craftsperson, artisans; improving their livelihood and promoting their brand and allowing the old traditional art to prosper again. Please be part of eco friendly green-theme to promote our culture. In turn we, promise to do our best to live up to our motto “Your satisfaction is our success”

Our products are not mass produced. As all of our items are individually handcrafted, each piece may vary slightly in pattern, colours, texture, size but will confirm to the same overall design as shown in the photos on our site. Each item has an individualized look and feel which appeals to customers who appreciate the “handmade” look. The slight variation in the weave, color, shape and size are the essential characteristic of handmade, which adds unique feel to it.

We would love to hear any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions from you. Please email us at